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By G. M. Duregger on February 7, 2016

I started using this product approx. 8 years ago. We (my family of 7) mainly take them when we start feeling sick. It's hard to make yourself chew them because of the taste but it helps - for sure. I was convinced this help boost the immune system from the beginning when 2 of my children who had some warts on feet and hands were healed!-never to return! No kidding! Approx. 3-4 mo. after we started this regimen my oldest said, "hey Mom, you know those warts on my foot are gone!" Well, it makes sense. Warts are viral and they say many cancers start as viral (ie genital warts can lead to cervical or uterine ca). My #4 child (who'd secretly been discarding the seeds) then started truly taking hers and the warts on her hand dried up and fell off. I was convinced! I'm an RN and I'd love to find out if this has helped others in this way, especially if they have VD-warts. Women or men who have this have to go through painful burning- off process which, most of the time, comes back!
For the children, I would give them seeds based on their age: 3yrs-3seeds, 5yrs-5seeds, etc. to a max. of 7 seeds dly. Now my kids are almost all teens and it's diff. to make them take the seeds. One son, who's wrestler at school, got a very large cluster of warts on his knee this year and started taking them for a few months (sporadically) and the wart cluster is now gone.
I was just browsing the internet to find a good grinder. I thought mixing the seeds in yogurt or other foods would increase mine and my family's compliance in taking them regularly. I hope you all find this helps!!!

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By Happysailing10 on December 9, 2016

Ovarian tumor gone within 4 weeks of consuming these kernels. Amazing! Will continue to eat them sparingly for preventative measures. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

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By Jimmy on March 22, 2016

This is the same brand that Dr. Michael B Schachter takes himself. He has been curing people from cancer with laetrile for over 20 years! The Oasis of Hope Hospital in Mexico ([...]) recommends that you take 12 kernels to prevent cancer. So eat that FDA!

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By Americandodo on August 15, 2015

I know people from all over will tell you that these are poisonous...and they would be correct...However they are only poisonous to abnormal, and cancer cells.
I have used these for over 4 years now, and have not died or even got sick. I have also never gotten cancer.
Now you may say that since I didn't have cancer that these do not prove may be right, but it may have prevented anything from starting.
You will read from skeptics that the people who use this natural stuff are nuts. They call modern medicine "traditional", yet remedies that have been time tested for 1000's of years is quackery.
If you have cancer, or know someone who does, please look into it for yourself. Do not take my word, or anyone else's. It is your life, you are responsible to know the truth.
If I may suggest a starting point, read the book called "Cancer: Step outside the box" by Ty Bollenger. If you do nothing else but read that book, you will have a better understanding of the "other" side of know, the "quacks".
I recommend these, but please please please read that book, as it may save a life. Most importantly, do your own homework, do not trust anyone, even your doctor as even they do not know everything, and in fact are human prone to error.

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By Benvincent on December 29, 2016

The bitter raw apricot seeds has saved my wife from esophageal cancer; there is no doubt. I recommend them highly for anyone who wants to kill their cancer, and for those who want to prevent cancer. She has ground up daily 20 seeds into a powder and adds the powder to her daily nutritional antioxidant shake.
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It's a Miracle!

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By Vivilicious on Jan 19, 2017


I have been eating ten of these each day for the last month. Just yesterday, I looked down at my feet and noticed that my big toe's nail on my left foot was clear and looked exactly like my other toenails -- normal. This is amazing because I had a fungus under the nail for over a year. I was living with it as I refused to take Lamisil or any other medication because of the side effects. Honestly, I didn't even notice it clearing up. I just looked at it yesterday and was so surprised! I'm wearing sandals today!!! If I notice anything else, I'll come back and report it...

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By Amazon Customer on July 17, 2009

I am amazed how well the apricot seeds are working for any tumor, cysts, urinary infection and cured my husband's enlarged prostate. I had endometriosis and I made a cure of 7 seeds a day for 2 weeks and I got cured from it. Since then I got pregnant and I am having my 2nd baby. Thanks to the apricot seeds that are working very well for my health.

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