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Product description

Product Description:

It is a powerful product that helps in the treatment of obesity, which can lead to other health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol.

boosts your weight loss capability. CLA is an optical isomer of the polyunsaturated fatty acid linoleic acid and together with Cinnamon regulate blood sugar and assist in glucose metabolism and enhancement/retention of muscle mass. As a non-digestible dietary fiber Chitosan has detoxifying qualities and ability to absorb fat, toxins and grease. Compounds like Raspberry Ketones, Green Coffee Bean and Bitter Orange peel extracts have been shown to suppress fat accumulation and promote weight loss. Chromium is also added in the magical blend to control fat storage. The active ingredient in Evening primrose is GLA. It reduces weight regain after major weight loss regimen. Another magical ingredient of our blend such as Hoodia Gordonii helps appetite suppression. A molecule called "P57” is the active ingredient which acting by sending a signal to the autonomic nervous system that food has been consumed already. Cayenne pepper, in turn, is a mighty natural fat burner that soothes the digestive tract and encourages stomach secretion which leads to improved digestion and better absorption of food nutrients. Cayenne pepper curbs appetite, speeds up metabolism naturally and helps burn more calories.


How to use:

 Using a ladder for 4 weeks reduces the amount of fat accumulated.

 Take one (1) capsule daily for the first week and two (2) capsules daily for three weeks.

 Make sure you drink plenty of water (2-2.5 liters) during the day.

 In addition, for best results, we recommend using this product with a balanced diet and regular exercise.


- Do not take this product together with Anti-depressants, St. John's Wort, tryptophan, migraine

  medications such as imitrex and narcotics.

- Eve Slim should NOT be takes if you have a history of seizures of epilepsy, heart attack, cardiac

  arrhythmias or irregular neat’s, glaucoma and high blood pressure.

- Do not take take this product if you are pregnant, may increase pulse.

- Keep out of reach of children.

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