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EVESLIM DETOX - 48 capsules

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Helps remove toxins from the body
Promotes healthy weight loss
Maintains healthy skin appearance

Eve Detox contains a special combination of carefully selected and combined ingredients that support metabolic and excretion processes in the body.
With its herbal formula, the product improves liver function, promotes detoxification of the body. The ingredients included help to remove the heavy metals accumulated over time. A variety of ingredients, including green tea extract, grape seeds, ginger, and vitamin C, have strong antioxidant properties that tone the body and aid fat burning perfectly.
The special formula cleanses the entire digestive system, helps in the removal of fungal infections and the accumulated waste products over time. The condition of the skin is visibly improved, and the unpleasant effects of impaired function of the excretory system, such as water retention, weight gain and the appearance of cellulite, are reduced.
EveDetox contains important minerals that act as a co-factor of several enzymes and contribute to the reduction of toxic substances in the body. Vitamin C increases the antioxidant protection of the body and helps to conjugate and remove water-soluble toxins.
EveDetox is an excellent helper in healthy weight loss regimens and successfully regulates blood cholesterol levels.
Recommended intake:
As a dietary supplement, take two capsules daily with enough water. Do not overstate the recommended daily dose.
We recommend using this product in combination with a balanced diet and a suitable workout program. Make sure you drink plenty of water while taking Eve Detox to maintain normal physical and cognitive functions.