Organic Dried Lavander Flower (Flores Lavandulae) 2 Oz. | Natural organic herbal products from Bulgaria

Organic Dried Lavander Flower (Flores Lavandulae) 2 Oz.

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2 Oz.
How does it work?: 

Used for: Insomnia, cardiac neurosis, hysteria, migraine. Also recommended for stomach colic, excessive gas in the bowel (it stimulates digestion), bronchitis and tuberculosis. External use – in baths, for sprains, sunburns, rheumatism.

Lavender essential oil, when mixed with isopropyl alcohol has soothing properties and it can be used for rheumatism and neuralgic pain.

How to use: Pour 400ml of boiling water over 1 tablespoon of lavender, allowing to infuse and cool down. Take two teacups, daily. External use – in baths.


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