Organic Peppermint Dried Leaves (Folia Menthae piperitae) 2 Oz. | Natural organic herbal products from Bulgaria

Organic Peppermint Dried Leaves (Folia Menthae piperitae) 2 Oz.

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2 Oz.
How does it work?: 

Used for: Stomach, small and large intestines, gallbladder cramps and colic, indigestion, stimulates liver and pancreas secretion, it has anti-inflammatory properties. It stimulates the cardiovascular system, it helps blood vessels relax and can alleviate inflammations of the upper respiratory tract.

How to take: For oral use - to be prepared by pouring 250 ml of hot water over 1-2 teaspoons of Peppermint leaves, leaving to infuse for 10 minutes. For external use – can be used in baths, for nervous disease and rheumatism, as a gargle or mouth rinse.

How much to take: Take 1-3 teacups a day.

Warning: Continuous use of peppermint essential oils could cause irritation of the mucous membrane or allergic reactions. Store at room temperature. 


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