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Organic Walnut Powder - 7 Oz.

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  • Walnuts used in produce of this product are obtained from trees that grow in the small villages of the most ecological area in Bulgaria - The Rhodope Mountain
  • These walnuts are rich in proteins, fats, iron, phosphorous, magnesium and many other mineral salts, of vitamins from the B-group and a whole range of trace elements. The Green walnuts are rich in vitamin C. Walnut flour is received after cold press of walnuts without the nutshell. The product which left is grind flour. It contains 20% fats, which contains butyric acids. Walnut flour is rich in minerals and amino acids. It stimulates favourably the growth and strength of bones and teeth in children and adults. It strengthens the nervous system in people occupied with mental work, stimulates memory.It is better to take walnut flour in cases of substantial loss of body weight, diseases of the stomach and intestines. Walnut flour increases the nutrition value of the products to which it is added. Nutritional information per 100 g: Energy - 364 kcal Protein - 45 g Carbohydrates - 28 g Fat - 10 g Fibre - 6 g