О нас | Натуральные органические растительные продукты из Болгарии

О нас

BULGAR HERBS Ltd. is a producer of 100% organic herbal food supplements. The company has established a network for purchasing herbs from the most ecological regions in Bulgaria, and then they reach the customer without any chemical treatment. Very important for our company is the fact that the herbs for the production grow in natural environment and are not cultivated and grown in human intervention. Most important is that we offer our supplements directly from the nature.

Our products cures many diseases, or at least stop their development. The regular consumption of the ecologically clean herbs will benefit diseases associated with:

  • kidney
  • prostate
  • diabetes
  • nervous system – stress, mental fatigue and other
  • mental disorders
  • impotence
  • colds and many other

BULGAR HERBS Ltd. produces more than 20 kinds of herbs supplements. The products are at very affordable price and with high quality.